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Case Studies 3

Case Studies 3

Mallow Sheltered Care:


Mallow Sheltered Care provides secure housing for the elderly and those in need of supported accommodation.  It  consists of a batch of 23 one bedroom apartments and a central campus for advice and service provision.

The service struggled to provide efficient heating for their residents, the majority of whom were static occupants and in need of consistent heat.  The system was inefficient with 40% heat-loss and at a cost of €12-15,000 per annum to the service.

SE Systems were proud to undertake the project and piloted a number of innovative techniques that addressed the needs of the residents and provided a new, quality and efficient heating system.  This included the use of renewable energy Air-Source Heat Pump technology.



  • One single oil boiler attempted to heat 23 units
  • Inconsistent heating existed: Apt. 1 was very hot, Apt. 23 struggled to generate heat
  • There was no back up boiler in cases of high demand
  • No independent, remote controls existed to monitor use
  • The system was only 60% effective 


  • Air-Source Heat-Pump technology was installed
  • 1 heat pump served 4 sections: 6 apartments per pump at strategic locations
  • A back-up gas boiler was installed for high-use and demand
  • Settings could be altered individually or manually 
  • A remote vision and control system was installed to include supervisory support
  • Remote access enabled supervisory log-ins, viewing and scheduling of temperatures, as well as trouble-shooting
  • This new heating system is now 360-400% more efficient